Morel Mushrooms

One of the best foods to come out of spring has to be morel mushrooms. I love mushrooms in general, but morels have this delicious taste & texture that really can’t be compared. Going hunting for morels makes them taste even better! (I plan on trying to do some hunting this week) I found some at my local natural foods store – so that will do for now!

I know many people are used to fried morels; while tasty, it’s an unfortunate waste of their uniqueness. Often times the thick breading and heavy flavor take a lot away from the morel itself. A fellow foodie suggested cooking my morels in butter and dry white wine with garlic, red onion, spinach, red peppers, plus some salt and pepper. While his idea sounded delightful, I had to alter the idea a bit to use what I had (saving money and whatnot).

So, what was in the kitchen? Garlic (as always), Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, and Cabernet Sauvignon – that’s as close as I could get! Two tablespoons of vegan butter melted in a medium-hot pan, followed by 3 chopped cloves of garlic. After sauteing for a minute, I added the morels (after soaking them in icy water for a minute) and allowed them to cook for a few minutes. Then added a couple glugs of the wine, a little sugar – allowing the flavors to soak in for a few more minutes. A shake of salt and pepper – and they were done! Delicious! This preparation would probably by ideal for a steak side/topping – as red wine stuff tends to be. Fortunately, I don’t eat meat. So I paired this with roasted asparagus & onions. Yum!

So, go out on an adventure! Check out your woods and railroad tracks! Find some morels! When you bring them home to cook, share your secret recipes with me!


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