Eatery: Shelbi Street Cafe & Bistro

I skipped out on eating at Shelbi Street Cafe & Bistro for the past 6 months I’ve lived across the street. What a mistake. The first bite of the best french toast I’ve ever eaten was a moment of both bliss and sadness. At least I got a chance to try it once.

The french toast was cooked to perfection – slightly crunchy, but still soft. And they don’t make their french toast with just any bread – it’s made with a delicious Italian loaf. Don’t expect maple syrup with this savory french toast. Th syrup is a grand marnier syrup – sweet, thick, and citrus-y. Topped with just a few berries and sauteed bananas, you haven’t had french toast until you’ve had it at Shelbi Street Cafe & Bistro.

J. had a artichoke heart, baby spinach, sun dried tomato, shallots & fresh herb omelette. The flavors of the veggies were able to outshine the egg, and grease was nowhere to be found. The sea salt crusted potatoes were a perfect side with just a dash of hot sauce.

A better weekend breakfast doesn’t exist in Fountain Square, or even downtown Indianapolis. That’s not just a statement, that’s a fact.


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